Door Installation: Solution That Reduces Costs And Time

Ignisterra presents an innovative solution that saves time, money and labor costs to construction and real estate when installing a door on large-scale projects, such as buildings and condominiums. It is a new format composed of screen, stable door Lenga wood, pilaster, frames, rivets, and hardware.

The door arrives ready, armed and painted, which allows a clean, comfortable and fast installation. You have to take the measurements well, and place the door in the frame; if it does not fit, the remaining space is filled with a pilaster.

When coming from the factory, the wooden door fits perfectly, without untwisting, and closes gently. A fast and clean solution, ideal to install directly and expeditiously a quality door, manufactured with high engineering and advanced technology.

Installation in three hours:

Several customers have successfully used this novel Ignisterra product, and who are satisfied with their results. Alvaro Gonzalez, Deputy Manager of Management and Development of the real estate Brotecicafal, stresses that it is a complete solution, according to the requirements of the real estate:

“Few suppliers offer quality doors and solid wood built with engineering so that the structuring of the door of Ignisterra is what comes closest to what we are looking for, regarding durability and potential resistance to climatic variations.”

In addition to being a complete solution, the doors meet the required conditions of aesthetic design and quality, regarding dimensional and structural stability. To this is added the advantage that as the product comes armed, a team of two people takes no more than three hours to place a door.

This new Ignisterra format is tailored to the customer and can be applied to doors of different dimensions and models. The company has already commercialized, through Sodimac, more than 200 solutions of this type, indoors model Toscana of its Modern line.

Ignisterra uses Lenga wood, native species that grows only in the extreme south of Chile and Argentina, to manufacture its doors, floors, coatings and other products for architecture and construction